Save our subs

I’m thinking of starting a Twitter hashtag #saveoursubs, for highlighting what happens when you decide you can do without sub-editors. It’s becoming common practice, but it should be obvious that replacing a literate human being with a spellchecker is never going to be great for quality control. Continue reading

Mixed metaphors, nautical style

Mixed metaphors are not particularly rare, but it’s a pleasure to find one where the metaphors almost go together… but not quite.
The Irish Times quotes a report on the banking crisis by Ireland’s new Central Bank Governor, criticising past failures:
‘Rocking the boat and swimming against the tide of public opinion would have required a particularly strong sense of the independent role of a central bank in being prepared to ‘spoil the party’ and withstand possible strong adverse public reaction.’
Throw in something about leaving a sinking ship and you’ve got the set.