Small business biographies: #what #not #to #do

A cat inside a cardboard box.

Outside the box? I don’t think so.

It’s Small Business Saturday on, er, Saturday. We’ve had Black Friday and Cyber Monday so why not collect the set?

This one’s a bit different: it is, according to their website, “a grassroots, non-commercial campaign”. Well, yeees… it was set up by American Express. So it’s still all about buying stuff.

Whatever the case, I can’t argue with the “shop local” message.  After all, if you’re going to buy stuff it’s nicer to buy it from small businesses and keep people like me afloat.

But it’s made me think about what being a small business is. I’d rather call myself self-employed than an entrepreneur, but I think I’m in a minority. Being an entrepreneur is just so fashionable these days. Continue reading