How to turn a PR win into a #PRfail

Title of LinkedIn article: "New Website needed before Sunday 9th October 7pm!! Can you help??" Underneath: "Published on October 5, 2016."

So this guy gets filmed by Countryfile – he’s appearing on the BBC, with 7 million viewers and all that. Brilliant PR for his business.

He’s really excited until he realises that lots of new people might be visiting his website and he’s not happy with it. (Somehow he’s never thought of this before.)

So he goes on LinkedIn and asks if someone can build him a new website. By Sunday. That’s two working days. And for no money. Which makes him look clueless, and a cheapskate.

Screengrab from LinkedIn article: "I'm looking for someone or a company who will do this free of charge!!! Why? If you have the vision to think how many viewers will click on my new website designed by one of you lucky people and be really impressed by the layout, design, and content; they see who made the website and it will drive more business to you."

So the obvious happens… he gets trolled by people who don’t think professionals should work for nothing. And he responds with “Thanks for the advice from some people, maybe a company would be interested in bartering services?”

So now he looks clueless, a cheapskate and as if he doesn’t actually have any money, ie like a failed business.

I’m not posting the link because that would be mean, but learn from this, those who can.


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