Writing pick-me-ups: Ten ways to use Twitter to improve your writing

lightbulbFriend asked how to keep writing snappy and bright under pressure. Twitter’s good practice, I said. #meandmybigmouth

Friend challenged me to write whole blog post composed of tweets. How could I refuse? This is tweet 2. #tweetblogchallenge

Writing when busy is hard. You need ways to keep it fresh and alive. Tips?

Tip 1. Tell stories. Use dialogue. Make it personal. My story: can’t say no to a dare. Then had to deliver.

Tip 2. Make ’em laugh. How many writers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Tip 3. Crowdsource. Search Twitter for #copywritingtips.

Tip 4. Writing short is harder than writing long. Write first, edit later: saves time. Or get a friend to do the editing.

Tip 5. Cut the fluff. Pretend you’re limited to 140 chars even when you’re not. Which words *don’t* you need?

Tip 6. Back to basics. Remember the Plain English checklist.

Tip 7. New twists on old themes? Read consumer magazines for inspiration.

Tip 8. Being creative? Write write write. Being snappy? Cut cut cut.

Tip 9. Be topical. But please don’t mention the World Cup.

Tip 10. If all else fails, write a listicle.


And just to prove they are actual tweets, here’s the Storify version.


3 thoughts on “Writing pick-me-ups: Ten ways to use Twitter to improve your writing

  1. Tip 5 reminds me of when I wrote some guidelines for people writing reports. One guideline started as “when writing reports, don’t add in more words for the sake of it”. The final version was “be concise”. 🙂


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