No fun allowed. Due to health and safety reasons.


The words ‘due to health and safety reasons’ in a notice are a pretty good indication that someone hasn’t thought properly about what they are saying.

First, using ‘due to’ and ‘reasons’ in the same sentence is tautology. Secondly, ‘health and safety’ is rarely the real reason for proscribing something. And finally, the real reason can usually be put more clearly.

Take this clunkily written, and slightly plaintive, notice that I saw in a seaside window: ‘Due to health and safety reasons we would be grateful if you would not allow your children to play on the window sills and heaters. Your co-operation would be much appreciated.’

They might have been more successful in getting the message across if they had just written: ‘Please don’t let your children play on the windowsills and heaters. They might get hurt. Thank you.’

The final poignant note, though, is the sign-off: ‘Funworld Management’. Climbing over the furniture is not, presumably, the sort of fun they want their customers to have.


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