When corporate branding and customer service collide

an 'out of order' notice on a train toilet
Some organisations like to put their corporate branding on every piece of communication that goes out to their customers. There are times, though, when that might not actually be a good idea.

I’ve probably got a warped sense of humour but this juxtaposition did amuse me: an ‘out of order’ notice on a train toilet, but printed on corporate stationery with the proud strapline ‘Transforming travel’. Transforming travel maybe – but perhaps not in a positive sense.

It’s also worth noting two other areas where the company weren’t perhaps transforming travel as well as they might.

The notice could have been written in much plainer English. It begins ‘This facility is Unavailable for use’: what’s wrong with ‘Out of order’? And continues: ‘It has been reported and will be repaired as a matter of priority. First Great Western apologises for the inconvenience caused.’ That’s a very long-winded way of getting a basic message across.

Secondly, it’s apparent from the curling corners and the graffiti that the notice had been there for some time – which makes you wonder about their definition of ‘priority’.


One thought on “When corporate branding and customer service collide

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