Comedy catchphrases and copywriting

biscuit packet showing the words 'Great British Taste'Sometimes you wonder whether someone has missed their vocation. Perhaps they dreamed of being a comedian and ended up in marketing instead.

I recently noticed this on a packet of biscuits: “100% British wheat. Great British taste.” As a fan of Al Murray’s Pub Landlord, I couldn’t help hearing those words in his voice.

This led me to recall the first time I came across the slogan of the Thames Valley Farmers Market: “Local produce for local people”. I wondered at the time whether they had miscalculated with this, given the sinister aspect of The League of Gentlemen’s catchphrase “a local shop for local people”.

But I quite like the idea of comedy catchphrases as source material for marketing slogans. Can anyone suggest any others?

Thames Valley Farmers' Market bag


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