Jargon, interns and library cuts

These are some of the things that have caught my eye on the web this week: the perennial complaint about business jargon, more on unpaid interns, and slightly good news about the libraries campaign.

A post from Rolf Soderlind on his Grumpy Old editor blog about business jargon led me to revisit Unsuck It, a wonderfully low-key site that translates what they describe as ‘terrible business jargon’. As a website manager, I particularly enjoyed this definition:

Below the Fold
They don’t like the ad placement since it is below the fold.
. . . thar be dragons!

Suzanne Collier on Twitter pointed out the latest addition to the ongoing discussion on internships. One of the great things about Twitter is the chance to find out about interesting items in newspapers other than your usual one. Or, as Bad Journalism puts it: ‘Reading the Daily Mail so you don’t have to’. I’m pleased that the company I work for does pay its interns. But those working in the media unpaid might like to see the National Union of Journalists’ Cashback for Interns campaign

Finally, I’m indebted to the Campaign for the Book Official Facebook Site (from Alan Gibbons) for the welcome news that Oxfordshire County Council (my home patch) may not after all be closing 20 libraries.


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