Motorway journeys – a rich seam of ‘crimes’

A guest blog from Rachel

Driving down the M4 on an average weekday is a great way to spot crimes against English – in the form of company straplines on lorries. These tend to be utterly meaningless and/or totally banal.

Wilkinsons (who seem to have far more lorries on the road than anyone else, so are probably also guilty of crimes against the ecosphere), have a particularly irritating one: Everytime!

What is it? When is it? Why can’t I find it in the dictionary? And what on earth does it have to do with a company that sells cheap tights and toothpaste? It’s questionable on just about Everylevel.

Another one I spotted was “Your success matters”. It was on a Booker lorry, I think. It’s just so tempting to add “But not to us.”


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